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Landlords fight back, plan COUNTER PROTEST at Scarborough LTB

August 4, 2020

Update: (6:28PM)
The rally went according to plan for both sides today. Fortunately, the protest ended up being peaceful. Both sides demonstrated their points of view, albeit loudly and through megaphones. Both sides held firm to their position, and no resolution was found.

Update: (10:03 AM)
Toronto ACORN has released a press statement, which includes its demands and expectations of today’s action. They will joining ACORN branches across Ontario, to shut down the LTB in multiple cities. This is to demand rent subsidies from the government, and an extension on the rent moratorium.

Original Article

Toronto ACORN plans on holding a rally at the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) at 2275 Midland in Scarborough at 1:30 PM today. The protesters are planning on occupying the building to send a message about the housing situation facing the city’s most vulnerable renters. Many tenants face evictions due to the ending of the rent moratorium and the passing of Bill 184. Parkdale Organize declared war on landlords and Mayor John Tory last week, and this is just one of the many actions planned to combat perceived bad behaviour on part of the landlords and inaction on the part of the government.

In response to the planned occupation, landlords are planning a counter-protest. Landlords plan on “confronting” ACORN protesters in front of the building. It is unclear what they mean by confronting, or whether they plan on using violence. Media and heavy police presence are expected, considering the significance of the protest, and the high likelihood of escalation.

Some landlords are owed upwards of $100,000 and are desperate to get their money back. They have expressed frustrations at groups like Parkdale Organize, especially after some of the bold statements its members have made.

Tensions are high and both sides have reasons to be very angry at each other.

Parkdale Organize held 2 protests at the Mayor’s Condo over Bill 184, and crashed 1 of his speeches. All 3 actions were met with police officers taking the side of the Mayor.

A branch of Antifa was planning a large protest last Saturday at the Mayor’s Condo, however, it appears something went wrong, and the protest was called off.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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  1. Rose Marie

    The reason for the Landlord Protest is NOT to confront. We want to communicate with tenants that it is possible for a win/win. A fund to pay landlords their rents and good tenants keep a roof over your head but Professional Tenants need to be evicted and charged with fraud. The LTB knows who they are. Justice must be served. This is how affordable housing will be provided by property owners who want to provide housing. Signed: Rose Marie ORGANIZER

  2. bob

    The scum bag landlords of Toronto need their teeth knocked out. Average rent is that of which only 70,000 a year employees can afford or they have to sacrifice things like food and clothing. Instead of going after the disgusting putrid gov, they are fighting each other. Typical. Never get rid of the cancer, only the symptoms. You have decided to not work with tenants when you should have demanded the city pay the insane levies, taxes and municipal operating fees they have invented to pocket and give themselves giant bonuses off of.

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