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Tenant DECAPITATES landlord in defiance of rent request

August 3, 2020
Hartford, Connecticut

A tenant in the United States decided he wanted a cut in his rent, but his landlord got more than he bargained for. After being asked to pay rent by his landlord, Jerry Thompson (pictured above), grabbed a samurai sword and cut off Victor King’s head.

The police found Victor King’s body the following morning covered in sheets. After a short search, Jerry Thompson was found close to the scene. He was subsequently booked, charged, and held on a 2 million dollar bond for murder.

It is unclear whether Parkdale residents plan on using similar tactics come August 4, when the Landlord Tenant Board re-opens and evictions resume. Parkdale Organize has declared war on landlords, and it’s unclear how far they will go to protect those within their circle.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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