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Vladimir Putin’s daughter DIES after second dose of COVID vaccine

August 15, 2020
Moscow, Russia
Conflicting Conspiracy File 🟡


Snopes and a variety of other fact checkers attacked the claims made in this article. It is important to note, despite labelling the claim as false, none of the fact-checking websites actually disproved the claim that Putin’s daughter died after her second dose of Sputnik V.

It is important to note Putin’s Daughter has not made a public appearance since the claim was made. Further evidence is needed to completely debunk the original claim. Once she is seen in public, and the video can be independently verified, it can be said the original claim was inaccurate.

Until then, this file has been updated to “conflicting”.

Original Article:

Vladimir Putin’s daughter suffered unexpected side effects to the experimental Russian COVID vaccine, and has passed away in Moscow. The Kremlin has yet to make a statement on her death. A source within Russia’s inner circle stated that Putin’s daughter - Katerina Tikhonova - suffered a rise in temperature shortly after her second injection, and then suffered a seizure. Doctors were not able to reverse the side-effects of the vaccine, and she was pronounced dead late yesterday evening.

The Russian vaccine is named Sputnik V, after the first artificial satellite, launched into space by the Russians in 1957. It is also noteworthy that Sputnik is the name of Russia’s International News Station, which has been accused of being a propaganda wing of the Kremlin.

Prior to Katerina’s death, Russian Doctor Sergei Tsarenko stated that releasing the vaccine early was the better out of 2 options. In his opinion, it was better just to move ahead, as opposed to letting people die.

However, Western doctors were fearful of Russia bypassing stage 3 trials and rushing the drug to market, warning it could have devastating effects.

Abram L. Wagner, Professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan had this to say on a rushed COVID-19 vaccine.

Although it would be wonderful to get a vaccine into the population quickly, there could be substantial downsides if researchers and manufacturers cut corners. Imagine a vaccine that often had serious side effects that weren’t caught in small trials before it was widely administered.


Now it appears, Katerina Tikhonova is the first official fatality of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. Proving that Sputnik V was not safe, and skipping stage 3 trials was a misguided move on the Kremlin’s part.

The Kremlin is known to spread disinformation, so it is likely it will lie about Putin’s daughter’s death, or else blame her death on something other than the vaccine.

*Disclaimer: This article has been labelled as a Conspiracy File,
and does not necessarily reflect the views of Toronto Today.

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  1. Norma Go Recibio

    Unless safety of the vaccine is
    100%,sure, no humans should be vaccinated with it.The process of waiting maybe
    long but it is better to wait until all tests are done rather than be sorry later.

        • John Hansen

          You mean the live polio vaccine in the late 50s and early 60s that gave so many American children polio? Even Jonas Salk in a tv interview said that the live vaccine was dangerous. The Cutter incident may have involved 40,000 children. The CDC took details off their website a while back but the WayBack Machine has the information.

    • Amy

      The Covid vaccine is like no other it alters your DNA. No vaccine has been proven safe and if you go on the FDA website you will see. They all have dangerous amounts of mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal cells and animal DNA. I’m getting any vaccine ever again!!!

    • Toronto yellow pages Today

      What a bullshit article)))) Jesus you so funny)))toronto today….what us this!?) if its someone more serious posted like NY Times or something like that) I cant believe so many idiots think its really happened) ))))

  2. Ano Nymous

    First, CONDOLENCES to the Russian leader, Pres V Putin for the loss of his daughter.

    Second, I believe with this SAD incident, he, the national “father-figure” of his own country will be MORE SENSITIVE and MOST SENSIBLE to shift the course of a MIStaken route of CUTTING SHORT proven STANDARDS on SAFETY and CERTAINTY of ADMINISTERING ANY VACCINATIONS for that matter on a wider/public scale.

    President Putin, beyond your own interests, your whole country is your responsibility.

    • AishaNoreen

      Wonderfully said Sir, condolence to the Kremlin…

      Such sadness, indeed!

      We the guidance of the suprememost to level up about life. There must be a great meaning of evrything!

    • Сергей

      Путина не существует он есть только в средствах массовой информации. Этой личности нет в природе.

      Putin does not exist, he is only in the media. This person is not in nature

  3. charles messina Nyc

    I believe there was some funny play going on with Mr.Putins Baby Girl. I smell a rat, Mossad/CIA/MI6 something out of the blue. May The Almighty have mercy on her soul. Mr. Putin, I must say as An American Beat ISIS along with Iran and the Syrian army May there two Governments Beat the Neo-Bolsheviks. I pray trump rids himself of the Neo=cons Neo-Bolsheviks that are seeking to undermine our Governments ISISraHELL regime must be Eradicated

  4. Jojo sinolinding

    Anything we do with haste is reckless and poised with great danger. Drugs or vaccines has to go extensive research, and safety trials becore approval is secured. Otherwise, despite our goal of saving lives, it surely causes more damage beyond benefit and profit. Common sense, Man.

  5. romyc

    duterte should be in the third trials of that russian vaccine to prove its efficacy….if he lives that will prove that vaccine is effective indeed even against ‘bad grass’…

  6. Paradesi Yonathan

    I understand Covid-19, is not like other viresus it was came into exist, it is dreadful virus as well even though vaccine approved, it may cost of many souls, because human body losing immunity and no place in the body to overcome the effects of the vaccine of Covid-19.
    And I’m believing that days are very dangerous and we are living at end days and this sign of biblical prophecies are fulfilling and human being must seek the help of saviour of of soul body and mind unless it is not easy to survive in the dreadful world.
    And finally want say that this world is not safe for humans but eternal place which Jesus promised that he is preparing the new world which is eternal, John. 14: 1-7.
    We can enter to the new world by confessing our sins and by cleaning in the blood of Jesus. Just accept Jesus is the only God and saviour of your soul body and mind. Roman. 10:9.

  7. Jonas

    If you have a way to give the third trial vaccine for Du30 because you want him to perish then go! The question is can you do that? If you can’t, then shut up your filthy mouth!

  8. Hadji Abdullah M. Cabusaran

    The whole of Filipinohood must be aware of the after effect of applying the vaccine that has been imported to us, that if really thr caused of death of the daughter of Russian Leader PM Putin was due to the after effect of the vaccine, then why our government is eyeing or aiming this anticovid vaccine to be used for the Filipino people. Are we not considering this vaccine a Harakiri for all of us. The vaccine has been tried, If teally the caused of death of PM Putin’s daughter.
    So why, we are going to allow our own people to undergo such vaccination.

  9. J. Singh

    All sorts of claim / counter claims being made. The day a person is born, his end date is also fixed. We all are born with fixed number of breaths. Not one more nor one short. A person struggling to survive if put on ventilator or oxygen can remain alive till his allowed numbers of breaths by God. So external medication or vaccination will work with the wishes of GOD. Persons come back alive from the jaw of death and some one dies, not expected. Strange.

  10. Rolando Aralar

    Hoping that’s Fake news, the Russian Prime Minister has the capability to ensure to his mind to know that vaccine thru his Ministry of Health doctors and to other medical advisers..

  11. angry Russian

    This is not vaccine this is genetic weapon because it change genetic code of human like radiation or chemical, real vaccine contains anti-potein of viral not else. this my opinion.

  12. Deng

    You guys have no coincence! This is fake news! Vladimir Putin daughter didn’t die. The West paid media will do anything to demonise the Russia Vaccine. Because they just want the world to get the West and Bill Gates deadly Nano Vaccine. And yet people don’t even investigate.

    I am telling you the will do everything to scare you so you will fall for Bill Gates funded vaccine.

    But yes that’s right we really don’t need any vaccine from anyone. But worst come to worst, I rather take the Russian vaccine than those Western and Bill Gates Vaccine. If not for Russian vaccine, I rather die or rot in jail than take those Bill Gates vaccine. Lastly, Inquirer you should be ashamed of yourself. How can you sleep at night knowing you have deceived people! Go to hell!

  13. Lolillo

    Eso es un bulo contra la vacuna de Rusia, lo mismo harán con la de China. Estos Yankis solo pretenden ser ellos quienes tengan todo. Que expliquen como se ha propagado el virus

  14. Prof P k Patel

    Mr Putin
    Very sorry to know about sad demise of your daughter
    My condolences for you & family
    I wish trial could have been done on the patient who is on last stage
    Prof P k Patel
    Formerly with iit Roorkee

  15. Lynn

    If this is a fake or false news, why is it still online? Where are the Fact-Checkers like Vera Files? Why haven’t they taken it down? It’s been 8 days since first publication.. 🤔🙄

  16. Totie

    WHO, is not doing anything, they had billions of dollars budjet, but they did not study any vaccine, they should know, every bacteria’s and virusses and they should make any study for every bacterias and viruses to make a vacine. They are all ediots, paying higher salaries and doing nothing.

    • Nikki Eagle

      Course they don’t study anything — they simply take their marching orders from pharma and put pressure on the governments around the world to fall in.
      - The WHO is a private organization that is funded almost entirely by pharmaceutical companies (and Bill Gates’ GAVI provides 50% of its financial backing). It is nothing but a global vehicle to push pharmaceutical drugs onto the world’s population. Oh yes….and the current WHO Chief has a long history of human rights abuses against entire populations in Africa. Dirty, complicit, money grubbing sociopath who falls neatly in line with Gates and the other pharma pimps “no such thing as enough profit” agenda.

  17. Dr.Balan

    Propaganda by West. Iam living in Russia. His daughter is well and safe.

    The capitalist world cant digest the socialism achivements in all field.

  18. Gh

    Why she didn’t show herself since 8 days?
    Otherwise nobody will buy the vaccine…
    So there is no proof she is alive. Nobody will buy the vaccine with such an advertisement. RIP poor girl.

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