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REPORTS: 39 MISSING KIDS found in a double-wide trailer, ignored by media

September 3, 2020
Georgia, United States of America

Ken LaRive - a commentary political writer - made a claim on Facebook stating that “39 missing kids” were found in a “double wide trailer” in Georgia and wondered how it was “not the biggest news story on the planet”. The claim went viral, with over 34,000 shares and over 1,600 comments at the time of writing.

A quick search of Ken LaRive’s Facebook page shows that Ken likes to share what the mainstream media would describe as “conspiracy theories”.

This claim was also repeated on Twitter, with Mike Yoder - an attorney and Trump supporter - claiming it “should be a top story with every single news outlet.” Others made similar claims, albeit with different angles.

One Twitter user went as far as connecting the allegations of 39 children being found in a trailer in Georgia to Hillary Clinton. The former Presidential candidate has the been the butt of countless conspiracy theories, the most famous being Hillary’s alleged connection to “suspicious” deaths.

The Facts

There is some basis in truth for Ken’s claim.

  1. The US Marshals did recover 39 missing Children in a Georgia Police Operation.

2. Despite receiving mainstream media attention, it was not the biggest news story in the world. At the time of writing, many people are still unaware such a raid happened. Even Natasha Fatasha - a Toronto-based journalist - asked “how did this story not get more attention?”

3. Large scale pedophile networks have existed. A recent police operation in Australia found that 140 teenagers were victimized by predators they met online. Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in prison, awaiting trial for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Many conspiracy theories continue to circulate around the extent of her involvement. Her exact involvement, number of victims, and complete list of co-conspirators remains unknown.

4. According to the US Marshals Service, there are more than 420,000 children currently missing in the U.S.  Of those about 91 percent are runaways believed to be in danger.

5. Contrary to Ken’s claim, the kids were not found in a double-wide trailer. Rather, they were found all over the state of Georgia. Aside from this, Ken LaRive’s claim is accurate.

Unanswered Questions

There are many questions about this raid and the larger issue of sex trafficking that remain unanswered.

  1. How many lost children in the US and Canada are being exploited by sex traffickers?
  2. Is there a larger network of Sex Traffickers that hasn’t been uncovered yet?
  3. Who were Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators?

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