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Conspiracy File FAQ

What is a Conspiracy File?

A conspiracy file is the term we use to describe the word on the street. This information is collected from unverified sources.

Why do you post Conspiracy Files?

The mainstream media shys away from publishing these types of articles. We feel readers should have the option of reading them if they want to. Unlike other publishers, we will go back and correct information if we receive proof that it is inaccurate.

This allows readers to make better decisions, as there are many different angles to a story. Importantly, a “conspiracy file” is not false by default. Many times the word on the street is the truth, but not officially verified. Plus, it’s not like the officials never lie. People need to decide for themselves which side they believe.

What is your Rating System?

Our rating system was started August 22, 2020 to provide greater transparency to our readers. The labels are as follows:

🟢 - Open Conspiracy File
Not enough information to make a decision on the veracity of the claims.

🟡 - Conflicting Conspiracy File
Conflicting information exists ie one party claims something happened, another party claims something did not happen.

🔴 - Debunked Conspiracy File
Overwhelming evidence exists to prove the original claim was inaccurate or largely distorted. Once a Conspiracy File is debunked, we urge you to contact your friends.

✔️ - Confirmed Conspiracy File
The claims ended up being true.