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Mass Graves discovered after FAILED Sputnik V Trials

August 28, 2020
Moscow, Russia

It appears Vladimir Putin’s daughter is not the only person to have died from the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V. Approximately 100 more people have died this week in Moscow after a failed vaccine test. The Kremlin has been desperate to get the drug to market, even the death of Putin’s daughter couldn’t hold them back.

A source from within Russia’s inner circle pointed to a mass grave site, outside of Moscow. The GPS coordinates are allegedly 55.963795, 37.939719. When the coordinates are run through Google, the site of the mass graves is visible from satellite view.

Like Putin’s daughter, most died after the second dosage. Experts still haven’t figured out the exact cause, but have considered shutting down testing, until they figure out what’s going on. However, Putin and other Russian Oligarchs prefer to keep testing, needlessly exposing more people to death and suffering.

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