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EXCLUSIVE: Duterte has COVID, went to Singapore for treatment

August 19, 2020
Davao City, Philippines
Open Conspiracy File 🟢


A Twitter user going by the name Miss Maggie has attacked this article, claiming it is fake news. However, she provided no contradictory evidence, not even an “official” source, to debunk this claim.

Additionally, the claim Duterte has COVID was posted in This Week in Asia, which adds further water to initial tip-off that Duterte has the virus and was seeking treatment in Singapore.

Original Article:

President Duterte of the Philippines has been diagnosed with COVID, and recently travelled to Singapore to receive treatment. Duterte lied about his trip, saying he was in Davao the whole time, but sources indicate that was not true. The President used public funds to pay for the trip.

Duterte is very sick, and takes a cocktail of drugs to get through the day. His health is closely watched by his family doctor. Despite claims to the contrary, Duterte’s health has been in decline ever since he contracted the virus. This is on top of his pre-existing health conditions, such as his chronic neuromuscular disorder.

Duterte denies leaving PH: 'I've been in Davao all along'

The President’s narrative was that he stayed with his family, and was not out of the country. According to his chief spokesperson,

There is no truth that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte left the country this weekend. The Chief Executive is in the Philippines and closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in the country,


However, multiple people report seeing him in Singapore, and say the picture with him and his family is outdated, likely photoshopped. Many think it’s suspicious that the President is so quick to deny any claims of using public funds to travel to Singapore.

Duterte has stated to those in his circle, that he doesn’t trust Filipino doctors, and felt the Singapore Health Care system was better suited. This comes at a huge expense to the Filipino taxpayer.

It is unclear what treatment he received in Singapore, but he has returned recently to the Philippines.

*Disclaimer: This article has been labelled as a Conspiracy File,
and does not necessarily reflect the views of Toronto Today.

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  1. Rodrigo Duterte

    The Singaporean government is obliged to proceed Filipinos information on duterte’s medical treatment. Filipino taxes are paying for duterte’s medical treatment in a Singapore.

    • Danilo Hamoy

      That’s OK to pay for the medical expenses of our own President. It should not be an issue. After all, he is on official duty as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

      • Mark Medina

        Wtf! How come its an official duty if his seeking treatment in Singapore? Do you know what your talking? And he should not be lying with his current physical condition that is clearly stated in the constitution!

  2. Rodrigo Duterte

    The Singaporean government is obliged to provide Filipinos with information on duterte’s medical treatment and expenses, Doctors and medical staffs names involved. Filipino taxes are paying for duterte’s medical treatment in a Singapore. We demand information on duterte’s arrival and release from the Singaporean hospital.

    Singaporean hospital should’ve Uthenized duterte.

    • Augusto Mondragon

      Accordingly, the reason why covid cases keep on rising in PH is because the majority are “pasaway”. Hahaha, those are the 97%.

      • Nisay

        Because we have reactive government. If the government just declared early banning of tourist from China, this would not have happened.

        Btw, 97% of Filo population is 106M. Positive COVID are not even close to 5% yet.

        • Rivas

          It was not stated that 97% of the population has COVID. 😒 If you analyze the sentence properly, it is implied that 97% of those who contracted the disease are “pasaway� as what DDS say. I didn’t even come into conclusion that the 97% pertains to the population when I first read this.

    • Gloria Cadapan

      Huwag naman ganyan. I did not vote for DU30. And definitely I am not his supporter. I have many complain and disappointments of his administration, but never wished harm for anyone. Matagal na syang nanunungkulan as president, kahit hindi natin ginusto. Ipagdasal na lang natin, na mangyari ang mga bagay na makakabuti sa ating bansa at sa nakakarami. BUT he must disclose truthfully his present health condition. He owes it to the whole FILIPINO nation.

    • ED

      Sorry, don’t generalize “the filipino people”. You’re too exagerate coz i am a filipino and never I prayed anything bad to the President. Maybe some who is against him but not all.. Not even majority..

  3. strawberry jam

    Well….i hope is true.his life can’t pay to bring back the life of all the filipinos that he order to kill them.

  4. Josmar Lao

    If indeed it’s true that PDU30 is in Singapore for Covid treatment, let’s just pray that he recovers so that he can continue his governance. However, appropriate disclosure of his condition must be made so that contingencies due to his absence can already be set in motion.

  5. Bodick Ranieu

    PRRD aka D30 has the right to use the government fund for his medical only whether outside the Country or not … He is the President of Pinas … but he has no right to lie to the people about his health status! …

    My post is based on the news that is certified true …

  6. Juanita Burris

    It would be very valuable for the Filipino public to know how DU30 got Coronavirus. Was he not wearing a mask since the pandemic began in late February?

    Wearing a mask stops the spread of the virus. Now that he has the virus, he should isolate for at least 14 days and not expose others. Maybe he can go to Mansion House in Baguio where he can also walk outdoors regularly and have fresh air.

    Food can be brought to him by staff wearing PPE. What treatment is he getting in Singapore hospital? There is no vaccine yet. Self isolation is key.

  7. Tanggol

    Why is PRRD so widely popular but is given extremely negative treatment in media?

    Because most media practitioners represent not the sentiments of the Filipino People, but those of the Elites who finance them, the same Elites whose business and political interests clash with PRRD’s policies.

  8. Lumen

    Filipino President Duterte gives Canada one week to take trash back
    Share this story:

    Mia Rabson
    The Canadian Press
    Published April 23, 2019 4:11 p.m. ET

  9. Chicken inasal

    Good! Watch duterte die slow and painful! It will be an example of how the Filipinos will soon perish because they are stupid, ignorant, tribal, colonial minded, crab minded, and petty! May taal completely destroy all you dumb Filipinos!

  10. Manolo C Patolot

    Is that how the Filipinos are now ……… so rude, unethical, demeaning, unjust and so petty? So shame to read your posts ….. regret to browse on it!

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