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Pizza Pizza snitches on customers, faces backlash, potential class action

July 4, 2020

Nobody likes a snitch. Nobody. Especially when it comes to something as traditional and common as ordering pizza. Unfortunately, a recently released report reveals Pizza Pizza has been doing us dirty this whole time.

The Toronto Star reported today that Pizza Pizza conspired with Toronto Police to conduct warrantless searches. Pizza Pizza allegedly gave police access to private information during Project Kraken, a criminal investigation.

People’s information was handed over to police without their knowledge, permission, or consent. The number of instances this technique has been used is still unknown.

During the investigation, Toronto police obtained telephone numbers from phone intercepts. Officers then took those numbers to Pizza Pizza to get any matching customers’ names.

None of the accused were identified using the technique. Rather, it was used to identify people associated with targets of the investigation. It is not clear how many people were identified.


What’s troubling is that none of the accused were identified this way, but associates were. This sort of behaviour seems similar to the historic British general warrant, which allowed the British police to inspect anyone during an investigation, regardless of if they were suspected of committing a crime.

These kinds of warrantless searches go against the very fabric of our society, yet they continue to happen, and are likely increasing in popularity.

Twitter users have echoed this sentiment, with some making comments such as how they never ate at Pizza Pizza, to never returning. Some considered outright deleting the app.

Some customers wanted to take it a step further, and expressed interest in joining a class action.

While the lawyer and details are yet to be released, it is very likely a class action will announced in the next few days. Privacy breaches are hot targets for lawyers.

Next Steps

Fortunately, upset customers are not without recourse. There are several ways to take action against Pizza Pizza and Toronto Police‘s egregious and orwellian violation of constitutionally protected rights.

  1. Call, e-mail, or tweet Pizza Pizza and demand they stop sharing customer information to police with a warrant.
  2. Use the hashtag #CancelPizzaPizza, #BoycottPizzaPizza, or #SnitchPizza, especially on Twitter.
  3. Delete the app from your phone if you don’t receive an acceptable answer. Consider changing your phone number.
  4. File a report with the Privacy Commissioner - you can chose to file a complaint against the Toronto Police, Pizza Pizza, or both.
  5. Consider hiring a lawyer, or joining a class action, if one is filed. Check the internet or our website for updates.

If you’re like me, you prefer a hassle free pizza experience. Until then, you can shop elsewhere, or try one of my suggestions.

Stay safe, pizza lovers.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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