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Elderly black couple harassed then beaten by police in Ajax

June 16, 2020

Shocking footage released yesterday shows an elderly black couple getting harassed by hospital staff and security before getting beaten by police. After deciding to leave a hospital in Ajax, due to the long wait times, they were harassed by a health worker and a security guard. When the elderly couple tried to walk away, the police came and viciously assaulted both of them.

A bystander tried to film, but was threatened by the health care worker. According to reporter Muhammad Lila, who broke the story, the couple were beaten to the point of “nearly becoming unconscious”.

While this event occurred in 2018, the couple didn’t release the footage until yesterday. This footage shows that even the elderly are not immune the dangers of militant, aggressive policing. The couple should have been allowed to leave in peace, but due to their skin colour, they were followed, harassed, beaten, then arrested.

The man was initially charged with assault, but the case was dropped due to the video evidence, which the police tried to suppress.

After the alleged murder of Regis Paquet, as well as 7 other indigenous people since April 8, this news is sure to further disturb the black community. When people talk about racialized violence, this is what they are referring to. When people ask to defund the police, and invest in the community, this is why.

I hope now that the video has been released to the public, the health worker, security guard, and police officers are charged criminally, and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Nobody is above the law, especially police officers.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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