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Over 8 Indigenous People MURDERED by Police since April 8

June 13, 2020

Canada is not immune to issues of systemic racism. The evidence of that lies in the fact 8 indigenous people were murdered either directly or indirectly by the police since April 8, 2020. 3 of these alleged murders happened within 10 days of each other, in Winnipeg, a city known for having many residents that harbour racist beliefs. 2 of these alleged murders happened within a week of each other in the province of New Brunswick, which has the same issue with systemic police racism.

This is a list of indigenous people that have died at the hands of police since April 8, 2020:

April 8, 2020 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Eisha Hudson was murdered during an alleged alcohol and car theft investigation. Her vehicle was swarmed by police, and she was shot inside the car.

Eisha Hudson

April 9, 2020 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Jason Collins was murdered during a domestic disturbance call that ended with the police firing rounds.

Jason Collins

April 18, 2020 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Stewart Kevin Andrews was murdered during a theft investigation.

Stewart Kevin Andrews

May 5th, 2020 - Nunavut - Abraham Natanine was murdered during an altercation with the RCMP.

Abraham Natanine

May 27th, 2020 - Toronto, Ontario - Reqis Paquet was allegedly thrown off her 24th floor balcony by Toronto Police during a wellness check.

Regis Paquet

June 2nd, 2020 - Burns Lake, British Columbia - Everett Patrick died in police custody after being bitten by police dogs. Family suspect police added to his injuries while in police custody, and initially downplayed a seizure he had in his jail cell.

Everett Patrick

June 4th, 2020 - Edmundston, New Brunswick - Chantel Moore was murdered by police during a wellness check.

Chantel Moore

June 12th, 2020 - Boom Road, New Brunswick - Rodney Levi was murdered during a trespassing investigation.

Rodney Levi

Regardless of what crime was committed prior, if any, none of these victims deserved to die this way. The difference between the police and the military, is that police are supposed to de-escalate and keep the peace. Too often, the lines between military and police are crossed.

The idea of police murdering civilians instead of de-escalating situations and providing help, is nothing new. The only difference now is this issue is getting more public attention, partly due to protests and riots surrounding George Floyd’s murder. George Floyd’s gruesome death, caught on tape, started a domino effect which will be hard to contain.

The police need to address their issues with racism, and our politicians need to pass laws that protect racialized communities, and keep them safe.

Next Steps

Despite social gathering restrictions, it is possible for concerned Canadian citizens to make a difference:

  1. Take your concerns to social media.

    - Use hashtags like #DefundTheRCMP, #BillBlairResign, #JusticeForRodneyLevi heavily on social media.
    - If the hashtag is used enough, it will trend on Twitter, thus increasing its exposure to the public.
    - Share relevant articles (like this) to your friends and family - use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, IG messenger, Reddit
  2. Call your local / federal representatives

    - Call or email your councillor, MP, MPP, respective premier, and Prime Minister’s office demanding change
    - For example, you can e-mail Trudeau’s office at
    - You can find other public officials’ emails by using
  3. Sign a petition

    - There are many relevant petitions on websites like
    - You can make your own petition or sign one you agree with
    - Share the petition with your social circle
    - Share the petition with the media
  4. Join a (socially distanced) rally

    - Many groups, including Black Lives Matter - hold rallies for both Native and African-Canadian abuses.
    - Consider becoming a member or an organizer

Ending racism in policing is now a priority. Everybody, regardless of their political affiliation has a role to play in making our country better and safer.

Article by: Mark Slapinski


  1. willie.smarch

    I am Yukon Indigenous man, with a caucasian fiance, I am now more afraid to leave my home, for fear of being killed by RCMP. In my fiance’s home I have learned to (at all times) remain indoors, as two of her neighbors are known to be racist retired social workers who literally display disgust and contempt for myself when physically close to me. I have learned to travel during hours when RCMP are on shift change or otherwise not around. My life is now more than semi - secluded and full of CPTSD AFFECTS.

    • Betsybird

      I’m really so sorry to hear this. Social workers who are racist- that’s a terrible combo. I’ve always had so much respect for social workers. But I guess racism truly is everywhere. Anyway,my heart goes out to you and anyone else experiencing this.

    • Mara

      Willie, I deeply appreciate your honesty and expressions here, that highlight your lack of safety and security, FUNDAMENTALLY on the human levels. To feel afraid for your being, to not be sure if you will be harmed or not- everywhere you go is dangerous, risky, treacherous- Nowhere is safe.

      I understand that we white people have put this sick system into place, and have elected officials who hold up these very disgusting ‘morals’ or understandings of people.

      I think your story is more important than to be left to a comment here either.

      I think your story is to be highlighted, and brought to our higher commissions- Eg. to our Premiers, and to Trudeau’s doorstep as well.

      I realize you are in a more secluded area than our southernmost Canadian provinces, to receive deeper immediate supports. Where I am in Edmonton, as an example these areas are being brought out and highlighted with our mayor directly, and we are seeking to defund police here. A petition I have signed and support in these lights.

      I see for you more is needed. I see for you, this is not enough to leave it where it is.

      Also in this, if you are needing supports for CPTSD- there are groups on Facebook if you are on Facebook that specifically deal with CPTSD, coping techniques, and mechanisms.

      Though this is NOT something you should have to cope with- this is actually a situation that needs to be addressed and shifted in your community.

      If I can assist you to bring your story ahead to higher ups in our country, please let me know if I can.

      Your safety matters. You are living a half life, and have been denied a life because of our culture and our abuses.

      You are important to me

  2. Elizabeth Pitura

    These are just the ones we know about - how many of the murdered & missing Indigenous women and girls were also victims of pollice racism? This has to end.

  3. Gail

    I’m indigenous 53 yrs old. I’ve seen over the years of injustice to our people. I’m sad, angry and don’t know who reach out to. I have grandchildren and I worry about their future. How protected are we really? I believe they’re food policeman and some not so much. Fear ridden - where do go from here?

    • Mara

      Gail, GAIL- there are groups forming on Facebook surrounding Indigenous Lives Matter channels, and Indigenous Rising, as well as Black Lives Matter groupings in Canada who also receive and welcome the Indigenous community, in these shared struggles.

      Where I am in Edmonton, AB Canada- people have been placing pressure on elected officials, and spaces are being created to receive and hear Black lives & Indigenous bodies in areas where the police have been violating, aggressing, harming, murdering, assaulting-

      This is not just a police issue, this goes well beyond police.

      However, I see you are needing supports, you need your people, you need your community.

      And you also need to be heard.

      Where specifically are you in Canada, that I may assist you to have your voice heard with your elected officials?

      This is not the world I want for you and your people, and your family, and your loved ones.

      The world we have created needs major addressing and major corrections.

      How we correct it is to no longer let you fall through the cracks. To have your story be heard and received & your truths acknowledged.

  4. Gail

    Me and my sisters are going to a criminal historical crime while we were foster care. Me and my sisters were sexually assaulted. We won the trial but he won the appeal. The process has go through in court again. I would like to see justice - break the cycle of abuse within our community and pray we get our justice in court. Pray for of all our own to protect our own.

    • Mara Lei

      Gail my darling, there are support groups on FB for sexual assault and abuse.

      I am SO sorry for what you and your sisters were put through. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest/rape. My sister and I went through this. The effects and the psychological trauma, is intense for this kind of abuse.

      Canada’s laws are VERY VERY weak in these regards and do NOT support our women and our children.

      It is extremely hard to convict people for sexual abuse, and when they are convicted- sentences are minimal- for severe abuses.

      This is not an area I stand behind and actually is an area I have been appalled by, and harmed by as well.

      I would like to see you and your family supported.

      Please reach out to me on facebook, if you feel comfortable doing so


  5. Amanda Running Horse

    Neal S. Nevada 23 yrs old. Shot multiple times by Pocatello Police on February 25th 2020 for allegedly having a knife and charging at them. When family saw his body at the funeral home he had bullet wounds from the back of his body. He leaves behind his world heart and soul, his 3yr old son, Demari James Nevada.

  6. Robert " Bob" MacDonald

    I am Saddened that the Whites that govern Canada has been doing this since the Dominion of Canada was formed.


  7. ALLAN

    I cringed at the report by a police spokesperson on the tv news this weekend, that police were “confronted” by a person with a knife. Actually, the officers had and used guns to “confront” the person, who is now dead. Her words revealed how police think of their job, as a war against citizens that must be won.

  8. Maria Villers

    Systematic GENOGIDE, this is horrendous, since 2020 began it’s been open season on Natives, African Americans, Spanish speaking people; it seems that the quarantine brought about madness from law enforcement.

  9. Debbie Link

    I am frightened for my daughter and my nephew. If ever they would need help they would have no one to call. They feel more threatened by the police then then do criminals.

  10. Ken Williams

    A researcher reported a few months ago that since the 60s Native started to fill prisons. Before that they were filled with white men. Why? We got the right vote in 1960. Did that cause them to see us differently.

  11. Holly Dressel

    Thank you for this list. Please continue to keep us informed. This is a level of violence in so short a space of time that can only mean it’s the tip of a very horrible iceberg, one requiring that all Canadians should be extremely aware.

  12. Andy Sibbald

    I am writing a book about the abuse of First Nations and Inuit. If anyone has information about these murders in the form of articles etc. I will be grateful if you can forward them. Are there other issues you think I should be aware of, or that you think should be included in the book. I will be including the issue of why some First Nations do not have clean water, the Starlight Tours (Saskatoon Police), Jordan’s Principle, residential school abuse etc. Thank you.


  13. Maria Woodbury

    Can you edit the title of the article to read: “Over 8 Indigenous People MURDERED by Police since April 8”. It is absolutely critical to leave out that they are people.

  14. Lenard Tye

    As long as you have antifa in your marches no one will take you seriously they are a cancer of the worst kind and the man funding antifa is George Soto’s now that trump has designated antifa as terrorist organization they need to charge soros with intent to cause harm to innocent victims.

    • Brenda

      I think more research needs to be done by you on ANTIFA, like understanding what the name stands for, for one and Trump is looking to have them designated terrorists. I don’t believe this has happened yet. It’s Trump’s way of taking heat off his white nationalist militia groups. Plus this is a thread about Canadian indigenous peoples. We have our own systemic racism.

  15. Bertha Travers

    I am a 73 year old Indigenous Elder. I have witnessed The Racism & discrimination & it has been around since the colonialists first set foot on our land (Turtle Island). I have faced racism right from a very young age, first when I started school when 6 years old by a teacher. Today, it is still happening to our people which has escalated to murdering our Indigenous people by the police and RCMP.. Yes even the Bigotry is carried on by 99.9 % of the colonialists.. The nerve, they even stole our land!!

  16. Pamela Roberts

    Thank you for this (yes include the word “people” in the title of the article. Helping reasonable people to see that this is a systemic problem that has been around for a long time. It must stop; it may end in an all and out civil war. But so be it. It’s wrong and I, for one, would die for what I know is right and just. We all have a right to the pursuit of happiness.

  17. Rob

    You fucking pathetic BIASED cum dumpster, this is a pathetic attempt to paint Winnipeg in a false light. The pieces of shits that were killed were well deservered and justified.

    The ‘reporter’ needs to be fired, but what can you expect from an utter piece of shit site like this.

  18. Felicia Mareels

    Sick of it, my family could be one of those one day. This is not going to continue if we keep on it and care. Love the evil out of this tragedy

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