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Terror in Nova Scotia: White Supremacists LAUNCH ATTACK on Mi’kmaw Fishermen

October 14, 2020
Mark Slapinski

NOVA SCOTIA - The battle between the Mi’kmaw fishermen and white supremacists has escalated in the last 48 hours. Last night, a horrendous, race-based attack was launched by a white supremacist cell which involved destroying an Indigenous man’s vehicle and stealing his lobster. The lobster that was not stolen was poisoned with a cement mixture.

People could have died last night.

Chief Mike Sak

According to police reports, nobody was arrested after last night’s act of terror on the defenceless Mi’kmaw community.

One Indigenous activist and personality that saw the live Facebook stream noted, “Settler fishermen raided the Mi’kmaw fishing compound. They cut the power; ransacked the buildings; poured chemicals on living lobsters; lit a van on fire; stole lobster traps; threw rocks and made threats.”

The RCMP have stated “the investigation is ongoing”, and they “are investigating threats and mischief following disturbances last evening.” While the RCMP have released an official statement, no arrests have been made as of writing.

Trevor J. Adams - a Halifax-bases journalist - has described the police statement as “limp” and a “non-explanation”. He was one out of at least 100s that are expressing their dismay with the Nova Scotia RCMP’s handling of the case.

The acts of intimidation and terror from the white supremacist cell continued today. Videos obtained by Toronto Today show a white supremacist assaulting Mi’kmaw Chief Mike Sak. A woman was also assaulted during the confrontation. The police were seen trying to break up the fight, but reportedly refused to make any arrests.

It is important to note, none of the officers on scene had masks. Chief Mike Sak is currently in stable condition after the attack, according to friends.

Bryson the Defender - a popular Indigenous personality claimed the White Chief Rebecca Hall was arrested this afternoon. Police allegedly broke down her windows. This alleged fact was celebrated by white supremacists on Facebook. It is not clear what charges she is facing, or what her conditions are.

Jagmeet Singh called out the Trudeau government for not stepping in to deescalate the situation. Mr. Singh tweeted earlier “Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have left fisheries officials without guidance.”

While Trudeau has since tweeted out in support of the victimized Mi’kmaw fishermen, many are saying the government simply isn’t doing enough to stop the white supremacy problem in Nova Scotia.

Next Steps

  1. Share the hashtags #MikmawStrong, #NoHateNovaScotia, and #RCMPNS
  2. Sign and share the petition at
  3. Call your local, provincial and federal representatives and tell them to prosecute the white supremacists wreaking havoc in Nova Scotia

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  1. BigDaddy

    White supremacy?? Wow you guys are dramatic little bastards. Call it like it really is Fishermen looking for a level playing field for everyone.

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