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Infowars host and failed congresswoman attacks Justin Trudeau, but why?

October 5, 2020
Mark Slapinski

DeAnna Lorraine of Infowars fame has attacked Justin Trudeau on Twitter. She made a dehumanizing comment about the Canadian Prime Minister, and said he bleeds Soy Milk.

It is not clear if this comment was made in jest, but considering Lorraine’s history of spreading false stories and conspiracy theories, it would be unsurprising if it was meant to be taken seriously, or even literally.

One Twitter user pointed out that she might be jealous of Trudeau’s appearance. Many people have made positive comments about the Prime Minister’s looks over the years.

Others think it is to deflect from the political mess that’s going on in the United States under Trump.

According to Politifact, Deanna Lorraine is a failed congresswoman, and has made a series of inaccurate statements in her “news reporting”. Lorraine falsely reported that ‘no prominent Democrats’ have contracted COVID-19. Politifact goes on to list a series of other instances where she blatantly shared false information.

Like a lot of Lorraine’s statements, the assertion that Justin Trudeau bleeds soy milk is simply inaccurate.

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