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Toronto Mayor accused of corruption by many, remains in power

October 3, 2020
Mark Slapinski

TORONTO - Toronto may be the last place one would associate with corruption within the upper ranks of the government. However, according to many outspoken Torontonians, it deserves a higher place on that metaphorical list.

John Tory was elected in 2014, and has been Mayor of Canada’s largest city since then. While the Mayor has never been charged criminally or faced a public inquiry, many accuse him of being corrupt, nonetheless.

Constable Effy Zarabi, a former officer of the Toronto Police, has been an outspoken critic of John Tory. She accuses him of allowing corruption within the Police department. Zarabi was forced out of the job, after coming forward with allegations of harassment and sexual assault.

She frequently posts evidence and horror stories on her Twitter account.

Zarabi believes John Tory is responsible for this mistreatment, and should resign as a result.

Zarabi is not the only one making these claims. JC Chaos took to Twitter to call John Tory corrupt, describing him as an “elitist”.

Mark Ingram, a London resident, made an additional claim of corruption against the Mayor of Toronto.

Another user speculated Mayor Tory may have rigged the 2018 election and created “the illusion of choice”.

None of these users provided additional evidence aside from their Social Media posts. It appears these are opinions and speculative theories. However, the fact remains that many people are making the exact same allegations, albeit, citing different reasons for doing so. Unfortunately for critics of the Mayor (which there appears to be many) a criminal investigation into corruption allegations is not currently on the books, as far as public facing evidence would suggest.

Surely, there must be some basis for these claims, unless everyone is lying and wasting time just to make the poor Mayor look bad.

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