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Reports: Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

September 12, 2020
Los Gatos, California


Ted Cruz has called out Netflix’s controversial new movie, described by many politicians as “child pornography”. Cruz went as far as sending a letter to the Justice Department to see if any other executives “violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography”.

Even Ben Shapiro, a more moderate conservative, has referred to the release of the movie, and Netflix’s stance on the film as “sickening”. It is likely more Republican politicians in the US will push for charges against the executives at Netflix.

Original Article

Unfortunately, we have received threats of litigation over the original article posted on Toronto Today from a Billionaire that we won’t name.

Upon consideration, we have removed the original article from the website, and from Toronto Today-controlled Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s not worth the risk.

We apologize for any confusion. However, Toronto Today was NOT the original source for this information, nor is it responsible for the negative fallout that the movie “Cuties” has caused for Netflix.

While we appreciate the attention, we did not start this, nor do we have the power to make this go away.

People are very upset at the release of the movie “Cuties”, and have a right to make those concerns heard.


  1. Eileen

    Thank You Toronto Today for Reporting the Facts and Truth on Something that continues to remain hidden. It’s time that People wake up to what’s happening to our Beautiful Children. It Cannot remain “A Dirty Hidden Secret” anymore! I have spent 3 years investigating this and it is so Horrifying, I cannot Sleep. This Man is a Billionaire and His Currency was Buying and Selling Children!

    • CaliforniaMamaBear

      ps…Hollywierd is full of Pedos …Watch “Out of the Shadows” documentary on YouTube and educate yourself! YouTube pulled the original post viewed millions and millions of times. You have to search hard for all the stuff YouTube censors but here is a link:

  2. Shirlene Jacobs

    Why is this story hidden…. PERIOD! I cannot find it if I am generally looking under “tabs”…. It does not appear when “searching” ANY internet inquiry….. WHAT IS GOING ON??!!!

  3. Fred Glez

    What is happening is the constant covering up of from media giants of Hollywood’s perversions and corruption that includes children!! One by one they will fall!! I applause what the DOJ in the US is doing under Trump’s orders to clean house and put an end to sex trafficking! Another ring was just busted in a Georgia with over 250 missing children! Where is the media?? Why aren’t they reporting that?? Why, because many of them are covering up for their colleagues and friends!! Disgusting!!!!

  4. Fred Glez

    The Democrat Party that runs California has done nothing to stop this disgrace, why?? They give free cigarettes and needles to the homeless, and lie to the people that they work for the people, yet California is the epicenter of all of these perversions and they do nothing! Disgusting!! The residents of California should clean house in the new elections!! Way too much corruption!! Children being trafficked and Pelosi worried about her hair and her chocolate ice cream!!

  5. Anonymous

    Are people that empty, that stupid and that immoral? Yes…. Hollywood, the Libs And anyone else who thinks any of this is “OK” are pieces of crap. This nonsense has to stop….If as a society we do not continue to expose and stop this, we fail as human beings. Our most vulnerable, CHILDREN, the DISABLED, The ELDERLY, and animals, those with no voice need protection.

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