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Further allegations of CCP MEDDLING in Canada via Consulates

August 13, 2020

An ongoing special parliamentary committee on China-Canada relations has revealed some shocking facts about the Chinese Government’s meddling in Western Countries, specifically Canada.

According to Cheuk Kwan, from the Toronto Association of Democracy in China, the CCP is running a massive influence operation through its consulates in Canada. Despite not mentioning Toronto specifically, it’s hard to imagine Toronto would not be the centre of the regime’s operations in Canada.

Kwan claims the CCP have operatives - essentially paid thugs - that harass and intimidate dissenters in Canada. The CCP also pressures international students into countering Pro-Hong Kong rallies when they are abroad.

Allegations of Spying

While Kwan did not mention spying as part of China’s soft attacks on Canada, there have been numerous allegations of Chinese spies operating in Canada on Twitter.

Some users claim that consulates are “dens of spies and agents” and many say they should be shut down.

Official sources from the United States, particularly the FBI, have accused China of spying through its consulates, specifically in Houston. As such, the US ordered them to close the location and leave the country in July.

Multiple U.S. officials said that the Houston consulate has long been used by the Chinese government to steal valuable medical research and that it was involved in attempts to infiltrate the oil and natural gas industries.


It is not uncommon for well resourced foreign governments to conduct spy operations out of their consulates and embassies. In 2017, the US government expelled 60 Russian Diplomats and closed the Consulate in Seattle. While the government didn’t directly accuse Russia of spying in that location, it implied that Russia conducts spying operations through its consulates in general.

Justin Trudeau has yet to make a statement on today’s revelations. This is despite comments from Jerome Cohen - law professor and China expert - who said today that the Canadian Government is not doing enough to stop the CCP’s meddling.

Toronto Today contacted staff at the embassy to schedule an interview, but the email address provided on the website was out of service.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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