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Protesters kidnapped by Toronto Police, held without charges

July 18, 2020

This story has evolved, please see the updated article here.

3 Toronto Black Lives Matter protesters have been kidnapped, forcibly confined, held without charges, and deprived of access to legal counsel. This report comes directly from their lawyer - Saron Gebresellassi - at 3:31 PM on Twitter.

Early today, Black Lives Matter Toronto issued a call-out on Facebook and Twitter after 3 of their protesters were kidnapped by police. The protesters were defacing a statue which they viewed as a symbol of hatred. This comes after news of a Nazi war monument in Oakville resurfaced.

Many supporters have since rushed to the group’s rescue.

Disconnected Phone Lines

In an unprecedented move, 52 Division cut their phone lines, according to multiple people close to the scene.

It is unclear whether this will affect police’s ability to assist with other crimes for the time being.

Josh Matlow Steps In

Josh Matlow - outspoken critic of Toronto Police - has decided to stand up for the community and call the police himself. He is currently City Councillor for Toronto - St. Pauls.

Petition Launched

To aid in the speedy return of protesters - Toronto Today has released a petition aimed at 52 Division and Mayor John Tory.

This recent violation of the Black Community’s rights will likely go down with a strong fight, bigger than anything 52 division has likely seen before.

Article by: Mark Slapinski


  1. Greg

    Lock them up…they are destroying public property and causing civil unrest. Why don’t black lives matter go camp out at Jane and finch where black lives don’t matter every day…maybe they can help their own comunities and stop being destructive assholes….and josh Marlow should be removed from city council…you scocialist goof…us working, contributing citizens are sick of your scocialist self serving games…grow the fuck up!!

    • Jerry Prager

      You obviously support the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries responsible for all the deaths in nursing homes, because like all privateers you support are crown chartered pirates who you despise anyone else with crown charter rights, like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that Ford and his fascisti and corporatist friends hate so much, much like Sir. John A had no more respect for crown charters granted to commoners than he had for crown treaties, because he made sure even British commoners had fewer rights, which must be why he is beloved by people like you, and disliked by everyone who cares about other people;s rights and not just the rights of the propertied, the only people the police serve and protect. Because they sure as hell don’t serve and protect commoners, and those with treaty rights.

    • What a native would say

      Contributing to what greg? If i recall you and the system did the first act of destruction by landing here and claiming it ad your own, not only causing cival unrest, destroying public property, and commiting rape and murder on a national scale.

    • Zoee

      Perhaps camp out on your front porch so we don’t have to hear hateful rants for someone who simply doesn’t give a shit!

    • Gordon Ross

      So Greg - what is it that you actual contribute? Anything beyond buying groceries and paying for your TV subscription? You know that it has not become acceptable to parade ones ignorance publicly. You do not know that these three men did anything at all. If you even looked at history you would have a different attitude - frankly you come across as an angry white guy in his privileged vacuum life. Sad for you.

    • Robert

      Greg, apparently you are unaware the the country you live in is a social democracy………you know……..socialism in actual operation?

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