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Counter-protester attacks 3 Black Lives Matter supporters

June 28, 2020

Today a man wearing a bucket on his head, and a roll of toilet paper on his arm attacked 3 peaceful protesters. Fortunately, the incident was caught on tape. This happened at the No Pride in Policing Coalition (NPPC) lead rally at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto. The event was held from 2 to 5 pm.

The counter-protester was screaming profanities and raising both of his middle fingers at attendees.

It is important to note neither the police nor city hall security were seen approaching the man, however, many activists at the rally asked him to leave on multiple occasions.

None of the protesters were injured, and it is likely this attack was not reported to the police.

This event highlights the need for increased mental health treatment and gives weight to the notion of defunding the police.

Growing Tensions

Ever since the release of the George Floyd Murder Tape, there have been growing calls from the US public to defund the police. When Regis Paquet was allegedly shoved off her balcony by Toronto Police Officers in late May, a similar movement sprung up in Canada. The recent killing of Ejaz Choudry by police during a wellness check has only further escalated tensions.

Toronto City Council will be voting on a motion by Josh Matlow to defund the police by 10%. However, a majority of councillors still don’t support the motion.

Hopefully, with increasing public support and growing need, the city councillors that oppose the motion will do the right thing, and vote yes, to defund the police.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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