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Police shoot and kill elderly man in Mississauga

June 21, 2020

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) issued a statement claiming a 62 year old man was shot and killed by the police during a wellness check. The shooting happened at 3425 Morningstar Drive on June 20, 2020. This is the second time in 30 days that somebody was allegedly killed by police in the GTA during a wellness check. The first being Regis Paquet, who died May 27th.

The police were called to check on the well-being of a man, what happened next:

The man barricaded himself inside the unit, and for a period, officers were able to communicate with the man.

Shortly after communication stopped, officers breached the door and entered the unit. An interaction occurred which included officers deploying a conducted energy weapon at the man, as well as firing plastic projectiles from an Anti Riot Weapon ENfield. When these had no effect, an officer discharged a firearm and the man was struck.


According to the statement from the SIU, the man was tasered, then hit with projectiles, before being fatally shot. What crime the man committed prior, if any, is still not clear. At this time there has been no CCTV footage or other evidence backing up the claims the SIU is making.

Protests erupted in Toronto, and have been ongoing ever since the alleged murder of Regis Paquet. The family originally claimed she was pushed or thrown off her balcony by Police, but have since modified their statement. Still, many people are suspicious of the events surrounding her death.

With recent riots in the United States, this event may prove to be a catalyst to even bigger protests and direct action. Only time will tell what happened prior to this elderly man’s death. Regardless of the circumstances, the family and surrounding community deserve answers.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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