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A new beginning?

June 8, 2020

Toronto’s Police Chief has made the unexpected decision to step down. Today, Mark Saunders has handed in his resignation to the Toronto Police Department. He will be officially leaving the role at the end of July.

At this point, people can only speculate as to the reason he’s departing.

On Twitter, some people had kind words for Mark Saunders.

However, some residents were more skeptical of his decision to leave.

Either way, this is a welcome move, as it can be seen to signify the end of an era.

Police Brutality and Systemic Racism are just as real in Canada as they are in the US or Russia. I welcome this move, and hope it signifies better times for the black community of Toronto.

Do you agree with Mark Saunders’s choice to leave? Take our survey!

Written by: Mark Slapinski

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